Get started with LINZ Basemaps

The LINZ Basemaps API lets you build your own New Zealand-centric maps for mobile, web and GIS apps. This page describes our APIs and what you need to do to use them successfully.


This documentation is designed for people who wish to integrate LINZ Basemaps map tile APIs into their mobile, web or GIS app. You should be familiar with StyleJSON, JavaScript programming, GIS or CAD platforms. 

How to get started with LINZ Basemaps APIs

We've made getting started with LINZ Basemaps APIs easy.

  1. Pick a LINZ Basemaps product.
    LINZ Basemaps
  2. Grab a map tile API url
  3. If you're a developer, email for developer access
  4. Find the documentation, legals and how to's that will help you get mapping successfully.
    LINZ Basemaps documents

Basics of our APIs

What API access levels are available?

There are two access levels to our APIs.

Level Description
Standard access Standard access allows quick access to our Basemap APIs without needing to register. This access is best suited for use of our APIs in internal apps.
Developer access Developer access allows integration of our Basemap APIs into high volume public mapping platforms. Contact us to register for a site restricted API key

There is no charge for either access level.

What protocols are available?

We support three common standards for web mapping.

Protocol Description
XYZ Best suited for use in web and mobile mapping JavaScript clients
WMTS Support for Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Tile Services WMTS v1.0.0 for use in GIS apps
Vector tile map services Support for StyleJSON version 8 for access to our styled web maps

Important documentation

There are a few core concepts within our technical documentation that you should check out before you start mapping.

Stay informed

Contact us at to get email notifications related to LINZ Basemap APIs, including announcements of new services or planned changes to APIs.

If you have registered for a Developer API then you do not need to sign up as you will already be included on the list.

Support hours

Monday to Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm
Closed on public holidays