Users may need to convert and transform coordinates between geodetic datums, projections and height systems when they combine data from different sources.

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A coordinate converter is used to transform location data between coordinate systems. This allows us to combine data from different sources, ensuring accurate analysis, visualisation and compatibility in applications such as mapping, navigation and GIS (geographic information system) software.

Coordinate systems used in New Zealand

Geodesy is the science of the size, shape and rotation of the Earth, and its gravity field. Within geodesy, a coordinate transformation is transformation between geodetic datums, while a coordinate conversion is a change in format or projection. Outside of geodesy, these terms are often used interchangeably and do not distinguish between transformations/conversions between datums, formats or projections. We do not distinguish between coordinate transformation or conversion on the Toitū Te Whenua website.

Geodetic datums

Many software applications, such as GIS, can perform coordinate conversions directly. Some software will calculate ‘on the fly’ transformations using the EPSG number of the dataset to transfer data to the appropriate reference system.

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