Common abbreviations

Common abbreviations used on land records

ASP Agreement for Sale and Purchase
CCL Commissioner of Crown Lands
CL Crown Land OR Crown Lease
DP Deferred Payment
DPC Deferred Payment, Commercial and Industrial
DPF DPF Deferred Payment, Farm
DPL Deferred Payment, License
DPU Deferred Payment, Urban
ER Education Reserve
FB Field Book
FH Farm Homesteads
FS Farm Settlement
IFORP Improved Farm, Occupation with Right of Purchase
IFRL Improved Farm, Renewable Lease
IFS Improved Farm Settlement
IFSLP Improved Farm Settlement, Lease in Perpetuity
LIP/LP Lease in Perpetuity
ML Māori Land OR Māori Lease OR Miscellaneous Licence
MLC Māori Land Court
MR Māori Reserve
NP National Park OR Native Plan
NR Native Reserve
OLC Old Land Claim
ORP Occupation with Right of Purchase
PL Perpetual Lease OR Pastoral Licence
PR Provisional Register
RL Renewable Lease
RLC Renewable Lease, Commercial and Industrial
RLF Renewable Lease, Farm
RLLS Renewable Lease, Settlement Land
RLU Renewable Lease, Urban
RP Roll Plan OR Road Plan
SD Survey District
SFRL Small Farms Renewable Lease
SFS Special Farm Settlement OR Small Farms - Ex-Servicemen
SG Surveyor-General
SGR Small Grazing Runs
SR Scenic Reserve
STDP Special Tenure - Deferred Payment
STDPS Special Tenure, Deferred Payment - Settlement
STL Special Tenure, Lease
STLS Special Tenure, Lease - Settlement
TB/TR/TV Traverse Book OR Traverse Volume
TRL Town Renewable Lease
WCSR West Coast Settlement Reserve