Correct a land record

Information about how certain errors in the register may be corrected.

Under section 21(1)(a), (b) and (d) of the Land Transfer Act 2017, the Registrar-General of Land may alter the register to:

  • correct errors made by LINZ, or
  • correct errors made by persons when preparing or submitting documents or information for registration, or
  • to give effect to an order or a direction of a court.

The Registrar has published the Alterations to the Register Guideline 2024 (the Guideline) which provides guidance on:

  • the Registrar’s powers to alter the register to correct errors under section 21(1)(a), (b) or (d)
  • how to request an alteration to the register
  • how the request will be assessed
  • the different methods the Registrar may use to alter the register, and
  • how practitioners can correct their own errors.

Alterations to the Register Guideline 2024 - LINZ OP G 01306

Practitioner errors 

Where a practitioner has made a conveyancing error, they should take all reasonable steps to rectify the matter by registering further correcting instruments. For further guidance see para 5 of the Guideline.  

If the error relates to a typographical error when recording a client’s name, the practitioner can correct this by lodging an application for a correction of name. Further information can be found in our guideline on applying to correct or change names in the register.

Applications to Correct or Change Names in the Register Guideline 2018 – LINZG20780.

LINZ cannot correct typographical errors practitioners have made in a registered instrument, such as an easement instrument. Once registered the document is a permanent record in the register and cannot be altered. Any ‘alteration’ must be achieved with subsequent registration, for example, a surrender of the incorrect easement instrument and registration of a new one.

Requesting a correction to a land record 

If you’re a registered Landonline user

A correction to a land record can be requested by submitting a ‘Title Correction’ request through Web Search. Simply click the ‘Create Request’ button in the menu at the top right-hand of the screen.
If you have a valid Digital Certificate, you can continue to submit a ‘Title Correction’ request in Legacy Landonline.

If you’re not a registered Landonline user

A correction to a land record can be requested by emailing

Please include:

  • information about the land record you believe needs to be corrected
  • the changes needed
  • any other relevant information that may help us resolve the request.
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