Self-assessment questionnaire for law firms

We've worked with the New Zealand Law Society and NZ Society of Conveyancers to develop a self-assessment questionnaire to help law firms assess the land registration systems and procedures they have in place.

The questionnaire assesses whether you have systems and procedures in place to ensure conveyancing transactions lodged for registration through Landonline are properly authorised and meet all the necessary legal requirements.

The questionnaire has been developed to:

  • enable firms to assess the robustness of their own conveyancing systems and procedures for transactions lodged via Landonline  
  • provide guidance  about the types of controls firms may use within their own office
  • inform both LINZ and NZLS about the level of sophistication of law firm control environments for conveyancing and how we might best support the profession to strengthen and improve existing controls.

The questionnaire is not an exhaustive list of e-dealing processes and controls that may be in place within firms. If you have completed the questionnaire it is recommended that you share the results with your fellow colleagues who certify and sign e-dealings. This may facilitate discussions on how best to enhance your firm's control environment.