NZMariner Technical Documentation

Find details about NZMariner format, encryption and compatible navigational systems.

It is a digital coloured facsimile of NZ paper navigational charts and can be used in Electronic Charting Systems (ECS) and approved Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS). The RNCs are published in BSB version 3 format and are not encrypted.

Product description

NZMariner consists of two files;

  1. An annual Chart file which provides mariners access to all charts that have been captured to date, and
  2. A monthly Update file which provides corrected charts and new charts which have been published since the annual Chart file was released.

Users are advised to download and install the latest annual Chart file and Update file to ensure the charts on their ECS/ECDIS are up to date.


NZMariner is available at no cost for users to download.

Notification of the availability of the monthly Update file is published in the fortnightly New Zealand Notices to Mariners on

Format, Compatibility

NZMariner is produced in BSB version 3 format which is similar to that published by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NZMariner data is not encrypted. A test dataset of sample New Zealand BSBs which includes instructions is available for download: New Zealand BSB Test Dataset (see attachment below). Users are encouraged to trial the sample dataset in their systems for functionality and usability.

Raster Viewing or Navigation Software

NZMariner is capable of being used in ECS/ECDIS which support BSB version 3 products and is a format widely supported by software manufacturers. Free and paid for viewing software can be acquired from a number of popular suppliers.


LINZ charts currently available in NZMariner are listed in the NZ Chart Catalogue on

We also produce paper charts and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). Find information about these products in Paper charts and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).

Legal status

For compliance with New Zealand legal requirements for nautical charts and publications please refer to Maritime Rules Part 25.