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What ENCs are and who provides them

Electronic navigational charts (ENCs) are digital vector charts specifically designed for use in electronic navigational systems on ships.

The New Zealand Hydrographic Authority (NZHA) is part of Toitū Te Whenua. NZHA provides nautical charts and information for safe navigation in New Zealand’s surrounding sea and environs. This includes official, up-to-date charts. 

NZHA creates and maintains the official set of ENCs for New Zealand as well as parts of the south-west Pacific and Antarctica waters. These are provided through the NZ ENC Service.

What the ENC service provides

The NZ ENC service provides registered customers with authoritative ENCs for New Zealand waters, plus automated fortnightly update notifications, at no cost. 

You can subscribe to any of the 8 chart pack regions including:

  • NZ01 New Zealand - North Island
  • NZ02 New Zealand - South Island
  • NZ03 New Zealand - North Island - Bay of Islands
  • NZ04 New Zealand - North Island - Auckland Zone
  • NZ05 New Zealand - Cook Strait
  • NZ06 New Zealand - Inland Waters
  • NZ07 South West Pacific
  • NZ08 Ross Dependency, Antarctica.

ENC safety information

Important safety information is included in the README.TXT file located within the ENC_ROOT folder of an ENC exchange set. It is updated on a regular basis and should be consulted before using an ENC.

Using the NZ ENC Service

To use the service, you will need a navigation system which is configurable and compatible with International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-63 encryption.

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