Find the standards and specifications that need to be followed when carrying out hydrographic surveys for safety of navigation. Learn about how data captured during a hydrographic survey can benefit marine research, aquaculture development, flood modelling and more.

Hydrographic surveys undertaken for Toitū Te Whenua in coastal waters must adhere to our specifications, known as HYSPEC.  For surveys in New Zealand’s ports and harbours, good practice guidelines have been prepared in collaboration with Maritime New Zealand.  The International Hydrographic Organization publishes several international standards that apply to our work.  These resources can be found here.

Toitū Te Whenua is willing to partner with other agencies, iwi and stakeholders to maximise survey opportunities and collect additional seabed data that can be used to improve our understanding of the marine environment.  We have prepared a document that describes the types of information that can be extracted from a hydrographic survey, how it can be used and ways of working with us.

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