Find out how to make a submission on a proposed place name.

Anyone can make a submission supporting or objecting to a place name proposal. We want to find out the views of the public, local community and any interested groups before making a final decision about a place name.

Current place name consultations

Our consultation page lists all current place name proposals. It links to information about the proposal, including an online form to make a submission. You can also post or email your submission to us.

Place name consultation
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Information you need to include in your submission

When you make a submission you must include:

  • a clear statement supporting or objecting to the proposed name
  • your reasons for supporting or objecting to the proposed name.

Other helpful information you can include in your submission:

  • research material
  • published references to the name.

If you object to a proposed name, you may suggest another name or support the existing name (if there is one).

Check the submission deadline

The submission deadline is at least one month after the date we first notify a proposed name. We may not consider submissions received after the deadline.

What happens to my submission and the proposed name?

We decide whether to agree with or reject submissions.

If we receive any submissions objecting to a proposal but reject these, the Minister for Land Information makes the final decision.

If we agree with any submission objecting to a proposal we may:

  • repeat the consultation process for any alternative name proposed
  • keep the status quo
  • report to the Minister recommending something different to what was first proposed.

If we receive no submissions or only supporting submissions then we can make the final decision to make the name official.

Protecting your privacy

If we publish information about a proposal the personal name of anyone who made a submission won’t usually appear.

Once we receive your submission it becomes a public record and can be released under an Official Information Act 1982 request. To protect the privacy of individuals, their contact details won’t be released without consent.

Official Information Act 1982

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