A look at the concepts and practical issues for people in agencies and organisations working with addresses.

The Integrated Property Services team at Land Information New Zealand is working on a proof of concept to link various components of property together in a structured way with an aim of improving property data accessibility and interoperability.

One of the components of property is ‘address’. To work well with and be accurately linked to other property data, it is essential that addresses are well structured, contain all the information an address should have, and contain accurate and consistent information.

Consultation with other government agencies in 2016 found that many people capturing addresses from customers, and many IT professionals designing systems that contain addresses, do not have a clear understanding of what makes a good address, and in particular, how concepts like validation help improve the addresses in their systems.

The purpose of this document is to explain address concepts and practical issues (including ‘validation’) for people in agencies and organisations working with addresses.

LINZ would like to acknowledge the assistance of e-Spatial Ltd and Statistics New Zealand.


Some information presented here is adapted from the existing New Zealand standards for address information:

The New Zealand Profile of ISO 19160-1:2015 Addressing Part 1: Conceptual Model

This New Zealand Profile defines a conceptual model for address information (address model), together with the terms and definitions that describe the concepts in the model. It provides an implementation agnostic representation of the basic concept of address information. 

AS/NZS 4819: Rural and urban addressing

The Australia and New Zealand Urban and Rural Addressing Standard provides requirements and guidance for addressing authorities to use for assigning addresses, and naming roads and localities. 

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