This page includes information about the standard requisition and rejection reasons, how to request a review, and the review process.

A dealing may be requisitioned or rejected under the authority of section 37 Land Transfer Act 2017.

If a dealing is rejected it is returned to the parties that prepared, signed and submitted the dealing.  LINZ no longer has access to the dealing (and can no longer ‘view’ the dealing) and the dealing is automatically assigned a new dealing number.  The dealing loses the priority that it had.

If a dealing is requisitioned it is retained by LINZ but also made available to the parties that prepared and signed the dealing.  The dealing retains it’s number and it’s priority.

Requisition / rejection reasons

LINZ has developed a standard list of requisition and rejection reasons

Sometimes, due to the complexity of the dealing, it will be necessary to adjust the standard wording of a requisition item.  And for particularly complex matters, LINZ staff will contact the relevant practitioner to discuss the issue before the dealing is requisitioned or rejected.

LINZ maintains a list of the most common requisition and rejection reasons

Querying a Rejection – Instigating a Rejection Review

You may wish to clarify or challenge a rejection or requisition.

Do this by either:

  • With the rejected dealing number, contact LINZ on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463)
  • Submitting a Request from your Workspace.  Use either “Titles-Requisition-Rejection Clarification“ or “Titles – Requisition – Rejection Review”.  Information about how to create and submit a Request is available in the Requests user guide.
  • Completing a Review of e-dealing rejection reasons form (doc 44KB) and emailing it to with “Review of rejection (or requisition)” in the subject line.  LINZ will create a Request for your email.

If you are challenging a rejection/requisition, you should set out your reasoning and supporting evidence in full.

The Rejection Review Process

LINZ applies an escalation process to requests to review a requisition or rejection.  

Your phone call, Request or email (that is captured as a Request), will first be directed to the Property Rights Analyst that worked on the dealing.

The Property Rights Analyst will assess the information you present and reconsider the rejection/requisition.  If the PRA considers the rejection/rejection was correct, your Request will be escalated further.  At each step, LINZ staff are empowered to ‘overturn’ a rejection/requisition.  The last person involved is a Property Rights Solicitor (in-house solicitor who advises on Land Registration matters).  If necessary, the entire team of Property Rights Solicitors will review and discuss the rejection.

If the rejection/requisition is ‘upheld’ (ie LINZ confirms that the rejection/requisition was valid and remains in place), LINZ will endeavour to provide a full explanation for the rejection/requisition (usually from a Property Rights Solicitor).  

If the rejection/requisition of a dealing is upheld, the final recourse is to request a review under section 214 Land Transfer Act 2017.  This request should be in writing and:

  • can be made directly to the Registrar-General of Land at the Wellington Office
  • can be made to LINZ by email to, or
  • by submitting a Request from your Workspace. LINZ will forward your request to the RGL. 
Last Updated: 1 February 2022