Ensure that you enter a mortgagee name correctly on the Record of Title when an e-dealing mortgage is registered.

A few tips to remember when entering mortgagee names are:

  • Only the legal name of the mortgagee should be entered (e.g. the Company's registered name). This will avoid problems arising when discharging the mortgage.
  • Do not use commas, ampersands or the word “and” unless these form part of the name.
  • Where possible, use the Mortgagee Quick Codes. As this will prevent names being mis-spelt.
  • For multiple mortgagees, always enter each name on a separate row. Do not combine different names together on the one row.
  • Enter the mortgagee names as they are shown in the mortgage document or letter of instruction from the bank (i.e. if the mortgagee name starts with "The" make sure you enter The).
  • The word 'Limited' forms part of a company name - when entering a mortgagee be sure to include it if it is part of that name (i.e. although many people refer to 'ASB Bank' their correct name is 'ASB Bank Limited').
  • Additional information (e.g. location of the registered office or details of the registration or incorporation) that is included on the paper mortgage should not be included in the mortgagee field i.e. "The Manchester Unity regional Credit Union at Napier (the society)" should be entered only as "The Manchester Unity Regional Credit Union".
  • Do not include references to trusts when entering the mortgagee name, as this contravenes Section 153 of the Land Transfer Act 2017.
  • Some mortgagees have several companies with similar names (i.e. TEA Custodians (Interstar) Limited, TEA Custodians (Bluestar) Limited etc). Make sure you select the correct mortgagee when you choose the name from the drop down menu or quick codes.
Last Updated: 12 November 2018