Correct a land record

This page provides information about corrections to the register, including the powers of the Registrar-General of Land to correct the Land Register.

Anyone can request a correction to the information in the Land Register. LINZ will then investigate whether there is an inaccuracy, and change it if necessary.

You may, for instance, find:

  • incorrect spelling of name(s)
  • a memorial incorrectly brought forward from an original document
  • a transposed number
  • an incorrect appellation or legal description
  • a spatial parcel missing or incorrectly shown.

While LINZ corrects errors and inaccuracies caused by LINZ staff, it does not correct errors caused by practitioners (refer to Practitioner error below). 

Similarly, LINZ cannot correct errors made within registered instruments (refer to Practitioner error below).

Practitioner error 

LINZ cannot correct practitioner errors.  For instance if an error in spelling is the result of a practitioner using the incorrect spelling in the instrument, the practitioner must correct the error. 

To change or correct names in the Registrar-General of Land’s records see the Guideline for making applications to change or correct names.

Where an error is made within a registered instrument, for example typographical errors in an easement instrument, the errors cannot be corrected by LINZ.  Once registered the document is a permanent record in the Register and cannot be altered (regulation 33 of the Land Transfer Regulations 2002).  Any ‘alteration’ must be achieved with subsequent registration (for example surrender and regrant).

See registration errors and registration error FAQs for more information.

LINZ error 

The Registrar General of Land has limited powers of correction under sections 80 and 81 Land Transfer Act 1952.  Any correction made under those powers must be made in accordance with the Standard for Corrections to the Register - LINZS20006.

Requesting a correction to a land record 

If you are a Landonline user, you can request a correction to a land record by:

  • Submitting a Request from your Workspace.  Use either “Titles-Correction“ or “Titles – Correction Prevents Registration”.  Information about how to create and submit a Request is available here.

Completing the request form

If you are not a Landonline user, you can print out the Record correction request form below, fill it in, and send by fax, email or post.

If you want to email your request, download the RTF version of the form, type into the fields, and then save and send it as an attachment to

The correction process 

Minor corrections (for spelling mistakes and typographical errors) are made under section 80 Land Transfer Act 1952.  The details of the correction are recorded as a separate entry (‘departmental dealing’) on the Register.

Major registration errors are corrected under section 81 Land Transfer Act 1952 (LTA).  Major registration errors are those where a correction may affect the rights of parties with a registered interest.

A correction under s 81 LTA must not be made before:

  • the registered proprietor and each affected interest holder is notified and given an opportunity to respond,
  • the registered proprietor of the affected estate or interest consents,
  • reasonable efforts are made to obtain consent from all affected interest holders,
  • any disputes are resolved between the parties.

All corrections under section 80 and 81 LTA must be made in accordance with the Standard for Corrections to the Register - LINZS20006.