Order a copy of a land record

LINZ provides public access to core survey and title records. We provide an efficient online service, providing copies of almost any record we hold on demand.

Our aim is to fill your order within two business days of receiving the request.

In some cases the size, binding or fragility of the record means it cannot be digitised, and you will be invited to view the paper original in person. 

Manual requests can also be processed.

See the main Land Records page for background information.

Since 2002, New Zealand’s title and survey records have been stored on the electronic database Landonline. This is where surveyors, lawyers and other land professionals search and lodge title dealings and survey data. You can apply for a licence to use this system: see Landonline .

Landonline customers can make a Manual Request for copies of records not found on the database.

Ordering a copy of a land record

  1. Work out what kind of record you want
  2. The most commonly ordered types of land records are:

    • Computer Register (Certificate of Title)
    • current with diagram
      shows current proprietor, legal description, registered rights and restrictions, and includes a plan or diagram of the land
      shows all interests registered when title created, and since; may include an image of the original paper Certificate of Title
      guaranteed search
      current register, plus any documents recently lodged with LINZ but not yet formally registered; mostly used by solicitors during property dealings.
    • Survey Plan
    • You will receive both title sheet and survey sheets  (Where they exist) – not all plans have both sheets 

      title sheet
      shows the plan deposited when the title was created; can be a simple plan of the boundaries, area and dimensions, or a detailed survey plan, or a combination.
      survey sheet
      shows detailed survey observations; may include a simpler plan of only the property’s boundaries, area and dimension.
    • Instrument (Document)
    • eg, a mortgage, easement or caveat. The instrument reference is recorded on the title or computer register it is registered against. Each needs to be named and a copy ordered separately.

  3. Find the best ‘reference’ for the record that you can
  4. All LINZ land records have a unique reference number.

    • Computer Register (Certificate of Title) requests
    • the ideal reference is the 'identifier', or you can use the 'legal description' for the title.

      • The identifier looks like '123456' on more recent titles, or 'WN123/115' on older titles. It may be called a Certificate of Title number, or CT number.
      • The legal description - which you will find on rating valuation notices or rates demands. More recent legal descriptions look like 'Lots 1 and 2 DP 456789'. Older legal descriptions look like 'Section 1019 - 1022 Town of Christchurch'. Some local council websites have maps showing legal descriptions, and rating rolls held by some councils list the history of legal descriptions for properties. Note it is the current legal description that is needed.
    • Cadastral Survey Plan requests

      the ideal reference is the plan number, eg 'DP123456'. It often forms part of a property's legal description. Make sure to include any prefix or suffix.

    • Instrument (or Document) requests

      use the document reference given on the Computer Register (or Certificate of Title) - see examples on the 'Computer Register - current sample'.

      NOTE: For Computer Register and Survey Plan requests, it can be enough to supply the property’s street address. If you cannot find anything more specific, start with that, and LINZ will contact you if more details are required.

Windows Picture & Fax Viewer

In Picture and Fax Viewer (the default viewer for many versions of Windows) only one page of a document is displayed at a time. To view additional pages, use the page arrow buttons in the toolbar at the bottom of the viewer.

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In Preview (the default viewer for Mac OS X) only one page of a document is displayed at a time. To view additional pages, use the page navigator on the right.

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We cannot find the record based on the information you have supplied?
We will contact you directly to request more details. That’s why we ask for a phone number as well as email address, so we can sort things out as quickly as possible.
The record you want cannot be digitised?

We will contact you directly to request more details. That’s why we ask for a phone number as well as email address, so we can sort things out as quickly as possible.

Some original records cannot be copied due to their size, binding or fragility. In that case, we will let you know, and you will not be charged.

See ‘Searching for historic land records’ for more information about where these records are held.

There is also a separate step-by-step guide ‘How to view an original land record’.


Contact LINZ customer services on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) or email customersupport@linz.govt.nz.

Professional search assistance is also available. See ‘Other record providers’ for information about professionals who specialise in researching property information.

Last Updated: 5 July 2017