Find fees for land record orders outside the Landonline system, including ordering a copy of a title.

Record of title - current with diagram
Electronic property title record, showing current proprietor, legal description, registered rights and restrictions, eg mortgage, easement or covenant. Includes a plan or diagram of the land.
Record of Title - historic
As for current record of title; also shows all interests registered when title created, and since. May include scan of paper copy of Certificate of Title.
Record of Title - guaranteed search
As for a current record of title; also shows any documents recently lodged with LINZ but not yet formally registered, eg a newly created covenant. Generally requested by solicitors for property dealings.
Cadastral Survey Plan (Title sheet)
Shows the plan that was deposited when the title was created. This could be a simple plan of the property’s boundaries, area and dimensions, a detailed survey plan or a combination of both. SAMPLE
Cadastral Survey Plan (Survey sheet)
Shows detailed survey observations and may also include a simpler plan detailing only the property’s boundaries, area and dimensions. SAMPLE
Instrument (Document)
For example a mortgage, easement or caveat. Instrument references are recorded on the record of title they are registered against. SAMPLE

Less commonly ordered (see historic land records for more information)

If you need to make a manual request, this will be $25 per record.

Request a manual search using the Land Record order form.

All other records are $25 each.

If the record you request is not digitised and cannot be copied, you will be advised and your fee refunded.

There is no charge to view these records.

Abstracts and journals
These record documents deposited (lodged) in the paper-based title system. SAMPLE
Crown grants
The evidence of grants of Crown land to individuals. They can date back to 1840; some are still current. Crown Grant records are now held at Archives New Zealand. SAMPLE
Deeds, and deed indexes & registers
The deeds land ownership system predated titles. A very small area of land is still held by deed. All deed registers and indexes are now held at Archives New Zealand. SAMPLE
Field books / notes
Detailed records of field measurement made by surveyors. Some of the earliest fieldbooks are held at Archives New Zealand; copies are available via LINZ or Archives. SAMPLE
Traverse record / sheet
Surveyors’ technical records that provide a record of coordinates for each survey mark within a survey. SAMPLE

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