Abstracts and journals

These are records of the formal lodgement of ‘instruments’ (documents) in the title system, eg transfer of ownership, or mortgage etc.

To order a copy, or view an original, of an abstract or journal, you will need the specific record reference. This will appear on a title record beside a ‘memorial’ (a brief note), eg ‘12345 Transfer to S. Smith’)

Abstracts (or lodgement forms) were a pre-printed form, typed or handwritten, that provided an inventory of the dealings affecting a particular title. They were bound into books.

Example of abstract

Journals were compiled from 1871 as a daily record of all instruments received for registration, listed in the order in which they were received at a specified office. The manual volumes were later replaced with a computerised journal. (Landonline now provides the ongoing record of lodgement of instruments.)

Some of the earlier sequences of Journals are held at Archives offices.

Example of journal

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