Find out which land records are available through Toitū Te Whenua.

The Landonline system holds all current and many historic land records in digital form. 

You can order these kinds of land records:

  • Records of Title (previously called Certificates of Title or Computer Registers)
  • Instruments (or Documents) relating to a dealing with a particular property (eg a mortgage)
  • Cadastral Survey Plans
  • Various forms of technical survey documentation, including
    • Field books and notes: detailed field measurements made by surveyors
    • Field books for the North Island have been digitised and can be viewed online at
    • Traverse records and sheets: including survey observations and coordinates of survey marks used.
  • Various historic forms of documentation of land ownership and transfer, as well as other records relating to control and management of land. Older ownership records include some:
    • Abstracts and journals: records of deposited documents in the title system
    • Deeds: documents to prove land ownership, in a system replaced by titles in 1871.

(Note that Crown grants, and the indexes and registers for the deeds system are now held by Archives New Zealand – see Historic land records.)

  • Historic Crown property paper files, from Toitū Te Whenua’s predecessor organisations such as the Department of Survey & Land Information (DoSLI), Department of Lands and Survey, and the Ministry of Works – these are referred to when Crown agencies acquire or dispose of land.

Fees and charges

For pricing information, refer to land record order fees.

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