Crown grant

These documents provide evidence of grants of Crown land to individuals. Some were the result of a purchase, others were in reward for military or other service to the Crown. Some are still current.

The Crown grants were issued under the Royal Instructions of 1840 to Governor Hobson and later by legislation such as the Crown Grants Act and the Land Act. There are two types:

  • bound volumes
  • New Munster grants

There is a full national set of Crown grants at Archives Wellington.

Few of the Crown grant originals can be copied, so you will likely need to view these in person.

You will need to know the land district, and the Crown grant number (eg CG 12345) or book number.

Those references can be found if you know:

  • the description of the land as originally granted (this leads directly to the record)
  • where the land is located (then you can go through the registration district registers held by LINZ, or work back through the ‘prior references’ on the title documents.