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There will be new fees for Survey and Title products and services from 1 February 2022. Download the factsheet and table of fees

Use our Land Record Search to look for and purchase land records online.

Land Record Search allows you to search for and purchase online property records such as a Title, Survey plan or other Instrument. You can pay by credit or debit card and receive your chosen property record by email almost instantly. 

You can search for records by address, title identifier, or survey number, alternatively you can use the interactive map to locate a specific parcel of land.

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To search online you will need:

  • a reliable internet connection
  • a supported browser (for example, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Land Record Search hours of availability

Monday to Thursday6am-10pm NZST
Friday6am-7pm NZST
Saturday and Sunday6am-5pm NZST
The service is unavailable on public holidays. Public holidays and anniversary dates

Delivery and cost

Land records ordered directly using Land Record Search cost $5 per record and will normally be emailed within a few minutes. In some rare occasions this can take up to 24 hours.

Full list of fees

Records you can search for and order

Record of Title (title)

(Previously referred to as Computer Register or Certificate of Title)

  • current with diagram – shows current proprietor, legal description, registered rights and restrictions, and includes a plan or diagram of the land
  • historic – shows all interests registered when title created, and since; may include an image of the original paper Title
  • guaranteed search – current register, plus any documents recently lodged with LINZ but not yet formally registered; mostly used by solicitors during property dealings.

Survey Plan 


You will receive both title sheet and survey sheets (where they exist) – not all plans have both sheets

  • title sheet – shows the plan deposited when the title was created; can be a simple plan of the boundaries, area and dimensions, or a detailed survey plan, or a combination.
  • survey sheet – shows detailed survey observations; may include a simpler plan of only the property’s boundaries, area and dimension.

Instrument (document)

e.g. a mortgage, easement or caveat. Current and historic instruments are listed on the title summary page. If the checkbox is greyed out, it cannot be ordered for immediate delivery and you will need to manually order the instrument,

The instrument reference is also recorded on the title or record of title it is registered against. When ordering manually, each reference needs to be named and a copy ordered separately.

What isn't held by LINZ

Most older records (other than land title documents)

These are now held by Archives New Zealand – see the Archway database.

Māori land records

These are held by the Māori Land Court

Property value

Title and survey records do not contain information about the value of the property – see Other land record providers.

Other property information

LINZ does not provide information about property sales and does not prepare due diligence reports. Contact a lawyer or property agent.

LINZ cannot provide copies of building consents, resource consents or Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports. Contact your local council

Check the list of land record locations.

Land Record Search will not

  • provide a valuation of a property, nor previous or anticipated sales prices
  • infringe on anyone’s privacy concerns. Under the Land Transfer Act, the title register is a public record. This service reduces barriers for the public to access property information.
  • allow users to search by an individual’s name or in bulk, these will continue to be restricted to registered Landonline users. Note, if a land record is purchased, it may include names that are on a title.
Last Updated: 26 October 2021