Crown buys final Canterbury Multi-Use Arena property

29 June 2021

The Crown has reached agreement with the owners to buy 212–214 Madras Street, the final property needed for the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena (CMUA) anchor project.

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has led negotiations on behalf of the Crown, and Group Manager Crown Property Lydia Bloy is pleased it provides certainty around progress of this important anchor project.

“The arena is one of four key anchor projects in the 2012 Christchurch Central Recovery Plan and is expected to have a range of economic, social and cultural benefits for greater Christchurch’s regeneration.

“It was good to continue our discussions with all the key parties – the owners, CMUA Project Delivery Limited and Christchurch City Council – to agree a positive outcome for the building and the city.

“We’re pleased the people of Christchurch now have certainty around progress of this city asset that will provide so many great opportunities for Christchurch and Canterbury.”

The agreement with owners Roland Logan and Sharon Ng includes the NG building being moved to another location that is south of the Transitional Cathedral and on the CMUA site. Mr Logan and Ms Ng are responsible for moving the building and they have one year to complete the move.

“Leaving the NG building where it is wasn’t an option because we were advised it would have greatly impeded the design and functionality of the arena,” said Lydia Bloy.

LINZ has been engaging with the owners to seek to acquire 212–214 Madras Street by mutual agreement since inheriting responsibility for central city land acquisitions for anchor projects in 2016.

The agreement reached is a full and final settlement of all claims in relation to the property, meaning a related court case is now closed.

Earlier this year, LINZ carried out significant survey works on land within the arena footprint, including stopping roads and amalgamating property titles.

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