21 June 2021

Issue 168

New fees for Landonline products

There will be new fees for survey and title products and services from 1 November 2021.
Cabinet this week made the decision on the new fees, which are increasing to better reflect the cost of delivering Landonline services and to support a better, more resilient system. They recover costs only. 

Download the factsheet detailing the new fees from our website  

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback during the consultation earlier this year about the fees.

Licence fees waived for new Landonline customers

We've waived licence fees for new Landonline accounts since 1 June 2021. This impacts new-to-Landonline accounts and existing customers wanting to upgrade their licences.

During the COVID-19 alert level 4, LINZ gave existing and new Landonline customers 100 free licences for each licence type they held. This ensured our customers’ access to Landonline was uninterrupted while their staff worked from different locations.

Issuing additional free licences has continued to be standard practice for LINZ since.

Customers opening a new Landonline account will continue to use the existing sign-up process but won’t receive an invoice for licence fees. The Landonline website and webforms will be updated to reflect these changes later in 2021.

Customers requiring a Digital Certificate for authentication purposes will continue to be invoiced for this.

Improving contact centre waiting times

We are continuing to improve the waiting times for our Landonline customers who contact our 0800 number and regular email address. We apologise for the long waits some people have experienced lately and thank you for your continued patience.

The increase in waiting times over recent weeks has been due to short-term staffing shortages. We now have additional contact centre staff to respond to calls and emails, and we expect our service to continue to improve.

We are regularly updating expected waiting time information on our 0800 number and offer callers the option to request a call back.

We will also continue to update our Landonline webpage

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 webinar recording

A recording of the webinar introducing the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 is now available:

New Cadastral Rules 2021 - Webinar recording

The webinars were held in May and focused on the transitional arrangements and changes in the field for the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.

A second round of webinars shortly before the go-live date of 30 August 2021 will explain the key changes when preparing a Cadastral Survey Dataset and using Landonline.

Further information on the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

Payment for manual dealings

As New Zealand banks continue to phase out the use of cheques as a payment method, LINZ is no longer able to accept cheques.

Customers lodging manual (paper) dealings may pay lodgement fees for those dealings by:

Deduction from their Landonline account (if they are a Landonline customer),

Cash, eftpos or credit card for any dealings lodged in person at our Hamilton or Christchurch offices, or

By direct credit following an invoice being issued.

When a customer lodges a manual dealing, the lodgement form requires one of the above options to be selected. If payment by direct credit is selected, an invoice will be sent to the customer after the dealing is received. The invoice will include details of how to make payment by direct credit.

It is important that lodgement fees are paid as soon as possible once an invoice has been issued as registration of the dealing will not be completed if fees are unpaid. 

Further information on our How to make a manual lodgementpage.

Ngāti Hinerangi Claims Settlement Act 2021 Registration Guideline 2021

The Registrar-General of Land has published the Ngāti Hinerangi Claims Settlement Act 2021 Registration Guideline 2021 - LINZ OP G 01254.

The guideline covers the Ngāti Hinerangi Claims Settlement Act 2021. It contains detailed information about that settlement and is designed to be read in conjunction with the Treaty Claims Settlement Act General Guideline 2018. The provisions of the Act took effect on the settlement date, 10 June 2021.

The guideline is primarily for LINZ employees with delegated authority to exercise registration functions under the Land Transfer Act 2017 and covers registration requirements and memorial formats.

Read the Ngāti Hinerangi Claims Settlement Act 2021 Registration Guideline 2021

Ngāti Hinerangi Claims Settlement Act 2021

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