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In this issue we feature new aerial imagery and elevation data, our ArcGIS REST API services and give a heads up on a new LINZ Basemap.

For updates on the LINZ Data Service – including some superb data visualisations follow us on Twitter (@LINZLDS).

New aerial imagery datasets

Aerial photograph of Te Awarua-o-Porirua, Porirua

Te Awarua-o-Porirua, Porirua 0.10m Urban Aerial Photos (2020)

In August 2020 we released the LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap. This detailed basemap of New Zealand uses the latest high-resolution aerial imagery. With a resolution down to 5cm in urban areas and 10m satellite imagery, it provides complete coverage of mainland New Zealand, the Chathams and other offshore islands.

Since then we have added new imagery for Wellington, Canterbury, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Tasman, Otago and Marlborough regions. With plenty more imagery on the way, the Aerial Imagery Basemap delivers imagery faster than ever before. Keep a look out in the lead up to Christmas for new urban imagery for Hamilton and the Waikato district.

Imagery also available for export or as individual tile services from the LINZ Data Service.

LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap

Aerial Imagery on LDS

Upcoming product: Topographic Basemap

In December, we will release our new Topographic Basemap. This map will include our latest topographic, addressing and property data to deliver a nation-wide vector-based topographic map at all scales.

Moving to LINZ ArcGIS REST services

We’ve made key datasets from our resilience and climate change work programme available as ArcGIS REST services.

The data is available from the Esri Living Atlas and includes primary parcels, addresses, roads, rivers, coastlines, buildings, facilities, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand Localities. The REST services are synchronised with the LINZ Data Service and are updated every week.

We have moved these services from the site to the LINZ enterprise Esri account. If you have used the services, please update your API connections using

We shut down the data sync process for the account on 17 November. The site will no longer be available from 8 December.

LINZ ArcGIS services

Check out our story map on how we’ve worked with our partners to improve datasets critical for emergency management decision-making.

Story map: Key Datasets for Resilience and Climate Change

Getting more from elevation data

Visualisation of the areas in New Zealand that have released LiDAR data

We have released LiDAR data through the LINZ National Elevation Programme. The DEM/DSM data is published on the LINZ Data Service and point clouds are available at OpenTopography.

Our latest LiDAR datasets include coverage for Westport, Gisborne, Bay of Plenty, Queenstown, Marlborough North and the Tasman District.

Visit Elevation Aotearoa to see when new LiDAR will be available in your area. You’ll also find guides to working with and analysing elevation data - including a great guide on using relative elevation models to visualise NZ Rivers.

Elevation Aotearoa

Access digital elevation models: LINZ Data Service

Access Point Clouds: Open Topography

NZ Facilities dataset and updated building outlines

Overhead visualisation of building outlines in central Dunedin

In June we released the NZ Facilities dataset, showing extent, name and other useful attributes for hospitals and schools. These attributes have been validated through authoritative sources including the New Zealand Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health – Manatū Hauora.

We’ve used the dataset to improve our NZ Building Outlines datasets, adding names to the hospital and school buildings within mainland New Zealand.

Data for building outlines also been updated, with new outlines added to the Waikato region and the building extents in South Canterbury refined.

NZ Building Outlines

NZ Facilities

Feedback on new address dataset wanted

Photograph of a row of 6 mailboxes

The new NZ Addresses (Pilot) dataset is available on the LINZ Data Service, providing comprehensive national address data for New Zealand. This builds on its predecessors, incorporating previously missing addresses into official address data.

We are now developing a process to identify missing data and will continue to populate the dataset with missing addresses as they are verified. We’d like your feedback. We’d like to know how accurate and useful you find it. Send your feedback to

NZ Addresses (Pilot)

Updated Fire and Emergency NZ Localities dataset

In October the Fire and Emergency NZ Localities dataset was updated with the latest data on suburbs (urban areas) and localities (rural areas) for all New Zealand.

This popular dataset is maintained by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. It is available on the LINZ Data Service and as an ArcGIS REST service as part of the LINZ’s key datasets for resilience and climate change programme.

Fire and Emergency NZ Localities on LDS

Fire and Emergency Localities ArcGIS REST service

Thank you for your feedback

Finally, our thanks to everyone who participated in our customer research this year. Your feedback identified areas for improvement that we will investigate over the following months, including:

  • Offering better access to bulk data via the Cloud and existing LINZ services
  • Consolidating LINZ channels to simplify access to data


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