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In late February, we advised stakeholders and Landonline users of delays processing Survey and Title transactions. The delays reflect increased demand from the property sector following the pandemic, with additional demand ahead of the new survey rules and survey and title fee increases.

In response, we have made process improvements to simplify compliance checks and improve work allocation, increased operating hours, brought in resources, and recruited new processing staff.

Our figures for March suggest we are on track to bring processing times back to normal levels. The average Title is processed in 10.8 working days, compared to the peak of 14.9 working days in January 2022. The average Survey transaction is processed in 15.6 working days, compared to the peak of 23.1 working days in January 2022.

We are on course to resolve most issues by the end of May 2022. You can check current processing times on Landonline. These are updated weekly.

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