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Congratulations pīwauwau / rock wren – winner of Bird of the Year 2022 and one of the native birds we’re helping through pest and weed control work on Crown lands we manage.

Pīwauwau / rock wren

Rock wren. Image courtesy of Aspiring Biodiversity Trust.

We’re partnering with the Aspiring Biodiversity Trust to control predators and protect precious native species. This includes the protection of rare birds such as the tiny pīwauwau that's lighter than a mallow puff and only found in remote pockets of the South Island's high country.

While Bird of the Year may be over, the work we’re doing to tackle pests and weeds is ongoing and as important as ever. A significant portion of this work is funded through our Jobs for Nature programme – including our work with the Trust which began in October 2020 and will continue through until June 2024.

The Trust is a science-based community group that monitors and surveys birds, and controls small mammal predators in the Makarora and Wilkin rivers in Central Otago. This important work is helping to promote endemic biodiversity restoration within the Makarora area.

All of our Jobs for Nature-funded projects are team efforts, involving iwi, councils, crown agencies and community partners. 

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