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Issue 187

In this edition:

Updates to the Cadastral Survey Guidelines

We have made some recent updates to the Cadastral survey guidelines.

We have clarified the interpretation on what is considered impractical vs impracticable in these three areas:

Also here is a link to the guidelines on Schedule/Memorandum Information which was missing from the previous LandWrap.

Field Information to be included in CSD

We are noticing a high level of non-compliance with the field information requirements in the Rules [rule 71e].  Refined guidance and a new video presentation are available here.

Content of a CSD – Field Information

New Landonline – Survey Capture

Our aim was to migrate survey capture users off Legacy from July 2023. However, we still have work to do to meet our commitment of delivering a robust and reliable system. Because of this we are delaying full migration until later in 2023. Until the migration, Legacy and New will continue to operate in parallel as normal.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try New Landonline we highly recommend getting familiar with it before the migration later this year. If you need help getting started have a look at the new Landonline on our website.

We are continuing to work on the improvements you have all been requesting and our next focus is to improve the speed and the ease of entering vectors. We aim to deliver these improvements in the coming weeks. We’ll also continue to work closely with the Survey Working Group and senior stakeholders who act as your advocates as we develop and deliver New Landonline.

Lapse of caveat notices

The High Court recently confirmed in Cooper v Cooper [2023] NZHC 1403 that the service of a lapse of caveat notice by courier to a PO Box address under s143(2) Land Transfer Act 2017 (the Act) is service by post for the purposes of sections 221 and 223 of the Act, notwithstanding section 2(2A) of the Postal Services Act 1998.  

Our guidance has been updated in line with the Court’s decision. More information can be found at Lapsing a caveat or notice of claim.

Web Search: New product list functionality

After the release of the product list, we have listened to feedback received and recently introduced some changes to align with how customers order products in Web Search. This includes:

  • Adding a quick email purchase option on to the Summary page – this allows you to quickly order a single product without having to add it to the product list first
  • Ability to view and order prior and following records of title from your list.
  • Updated the footer in the product list, making it easier to update your client reference when ordering

Shortly, we will be releasing some further features to the product list, including:

  • The Notepad – a place to add items before committing them to a list
  • Automatic saving of the list across sessions/days and ability to clear your list
  • The ability to add/edit/delete multiple lists 
  • Save as new list: enables you to save the contents of an active list as a new list
  • Ability to add/copy contents from one list to another.

Keep an eye out on the What’s new in Search page for further information and links to updated help content.

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