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NZMariner, the product name for the NZ raster navigational chart (RNC) series, will be withdrawn from service on 8 December 2023.

We indicated our intention to sunset the digital product in June 2022, and an advisory note has appeared on the NZMariner web page over the intervening period. We anticipate that there are fewer than 100 recreational boaties and sailors who are still using NZMariner for navigaton purposes. 

NZMariner (RNCs)

Full coverage of the alternative and technologically superior Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), achieved in 2018, along with the availability of the free NZ ENC Service, has made NZMariner redundant. ENCs must be used as the primary means of navigation in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

We are formally communicating the withdrawal of NZMariner via a General Notice which will appear in each edition of the Notice to Mariners over an eight-week period from 13 October. This will allow time for those remaining customers still using NZMariner for navigation purposes to migrate across to the NZ ENC service, or access ENCs through Value Added Resellers, before the 8 December cut-off.

How to access NZ Electronic Navigational Charts

NZ ENCs are distributed globally through IC-ENC Value Added Resellers delivering comprehensive end-user service for use in ECDIS. NZ ENCs are also available at no cost through the subscription-based NZ ENC Service via our website.

ENC installation is software dependent and users should consult manufacturers for help with installation. We provide the ENC data and permit files.

Find out more: About ENCs | New Zealand ENC Service (

Alternative GeoTIFFs for non-navigation use

For those customers who have been using NZMariner for non-navigation uses, such as assessing locational awareness, alternative Georeferenced raster chart TIFF images (GeoTIFFs) are also available at the LINZ Data Service. 

We provide GeoTIFF images for each of the New Zealand nautical paper charts, with the files updated on a six-monthly basis. 

For further assistance

If you require further assistance installing ENCs or GeoTIFFs, please contact

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