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The 2024 Toitū Te Whenua LINZ Geospatial Virtual Field Trip for schools is called ‘What lies beneath? Discovering the secrets of our seabed’ and launches on Monday 10 June.

What lies beneath? – Discovering the secrets of our seabed

This year, school students throughout New Zealand will embark on an exciting virtual hydrographic surveying adventure off the coast of Gisborne to learn about seabed surveys. 

They will learn about the importance of geospatial data and technology in seabed mapping and the pivotal role this data plays for marine navigation and other diverse uses in the marine environment.

If you know any teachers you think may be interested let them know by sending them a link to our information page. Signing up to the field trips is free and each trip has ready-to-use online resources related to the NZ school curriculum.

What lies beneath - information page on LEARNZ

Through hands-on learning using GIS software to analyse real-world data, the field trip will give students an insight into the world of hydrographic surveying and its many  applications.

Seabed surveys allow us to build detailed 3D maps of the seafloor, providing valuable information about the marine environment. 

Communities, businesses, local councils and central government agencies can use this data for tsunami modelling, environmental management, marine research and much more.

The field trip follows our successful place names field trip last year, Our place names: Ngāti Maniapoto stories, for which we recently won a Community Impact Spatial Excellence award. The virtual field trip saw 12,784 school students participate, making it our most successful field trip thus far. 

We hope that this year’s field trip has a similar impact, empowering students and developing a greater appreciation for the natural environment and the importance of data-driven decision-making. 

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