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Land registration, Survey

LINZ charges fees for property title transactions, registering or discharging a mortgage, registering land survey data, and for property and survey search functions. 

Fees also support maintaining and upgrading Landonline, the central register of survey and title information, and the wider regulatory processes that ensure the integrity and security of New Zealand’s property system.  

The proposals released today are designed to address inflation, insulate against property market shifts and accommodate costs associated with ongoing work to modernise Landonline.

In proposed changes:

  • The current fee of $90 for a simple residential title transaction (with a mortgage) would rise to $117.
  • The fee for checking the compliance of a complex cadastral survey would increase from approximately $850 to $1,130. 
  • The fee to search electronically for a title or survey plan would move from $6 to $9 per search.

Head of Property Rights, Christina Sophocleous-Jones says proposed fee increases are based on reasonable, but relatively conservative modelling:  

“Confidence in property rights and accurate land information is critical for New Zealand, with buyers and sellers relying on the quality of services LINZ provides through Landonline and through the wider regulatory system it maintains.”

Any fee increases would likely take effect from February 2025, pending consultation and Cabinet approval.  

A discussion document setting out proposals and options is available on the consultation page:

Consultation on proposals to update fees for LINZ survey and title services

We welcome feedback and submissions which can be made either via email to, or via an online form on the consultation page.

Consultation on Survey and Title Fees Review proposals closes at midnight 7 June. 

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