Watts Peninsula hazard reduction work

We’re improving safety at Watts Peninsula in Miramar, Wellington, and because of multiple hazards it’s important no one accesses the site while our work is underway.

We’re working with the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, Department of Conservation (DOC), Te Arawhiti, heritage and conservation experts, engineers and other specialists to help protect and preserve this special area for generations to come.

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What we've completed

  • Site hazard assessments, including a structural assessment, a geo-hazard assessment, a hazardous materials survey, an arboricultural safety assessment, and a ground contamination assessment.
  • Archaeological assessments.
  • A Heritage Values Assessment detailing the value of heritage and cultural features across the entire site.
  • Seismic assessments of structures to guide future repairs and management.
  • Review of a cultural safety audit provided by Taranaki Whānui.
  • Removed dangerous trees, overhanging dead wood and large stacks of logs.
  • Appointed a contractor to undertake regular mowing and maintenance works across the site.
  • Upgraded Mag Road to improve safety and stormwater runoff, with further repairs planned following storm damage in June and August 2022.
  • 3D laser scanning of Fort Ballance to inform seismic assessments and create a record.
  • Designed retaining wall where a slip occurred to protect the track to Massey Memorial from further erosion.
  • Installed stiles to improve access over farm gates.

What we're doing now

  • Working with heritage specialists and asbestos removal contractors to prepare for asbestos removal work on Mag Road WWII-era magazine buildings.
  • Applying for necessary Archaeological Authority, building and resource consents to undertake access track and stormwater improvements on Mag Rd and the retaining wall on Massey Track.
  • Ongoing mowing and maintenance works.

What's next

  • Clearing overgrown vegetation around structures to enable further inspections and access for maintenance.
  • Removing hazardous materials including asbestos from Mag Road WWII-era magazine buildings.
  • Undertaking access track and stormwater improvement works on Mag Rd.
  • Building a retaining wall to manage slip risks on the Massey Track.
  • Developing a plan to manage hazardous exotic species including pine and macrocarpa, and with replanting clearings with species indigenous to Wellington’s coastline.
  • Developing conservation management plans setting out long-term management approach for the heritage features onsite. 

Toitū Te Whenua also supports important conservation initiatives happening in the Wellington region. This includes providing access for Predator Free Miramar, who manage traps across the site, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council, who undertake an annual bird count as part of the Predator Free Miramar project.   

Contact us

If you have any questions about our work, please contact the team on crownproperty@linz.govt.nz