Learn about the work we do as the government agency responsible for providing navigational products and services that support safe shipping. These products and services enable New Zealand to meet its international obligations concerning the safety of life at sea.

Reliable up-to-date nautical information is vital for safe navigation.  As the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority, Toitū Te Whenua commissions hydrographic surveys to map the seafloor, coastline, and other marine features.  We then use this information to ensure that our nautical charts and publications meet the needs of mariners navigating in New Zealand waters and certain areas of the South-West Pacific and Antarctica.

As part of our role, we are responsible for New Zealand’s successful adoption of a new global standard that will transform shipping navigation so it’s fully digital by 2030. Work is underway to prepare our country for the rollout of this new Universal Hydrographic Data Model – known as the S-100 standard. 

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