The effective use of land-based assets and other natural resources is a fundamental driver of Māori and iwi development.

Our approach

By applying geographic information and respecting cultural values, greater outcomes can be realised from the land: generating economic, environmental and socio-cultural benefits for all of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Land is fundamental to supporting the economic, environmental, and socio-cultural aspirations of Māori. Geographic information can transform the way land is viewed and understood. 

Our Business with Māori strategy He Whāriki Maurua describes how we are doing this.

Our strategy – He Whāriki Maurua

He Whāriki Maurua describes the weaving together of the two world views that Māori and the Crown have about the land and natural resources. It brings those two world views together, threading it through our business to strengthen and expand our knowledge.

He Whāriki Maurua is not a ‘separate’ or ‘stand alone’ strategy but a Toitū Te Whenua-wide organisational strategy that provides a framework for long-term and sustainable cultural change, making business with Māori and iwi more visible to the organisation.

He Whāriki Maurua provides clarity around ‘what’ needs to be done and ‘how’ it needs to be done better informing the design and development of future Toitū Te Whenua initiatives. This will ensure each part of ‘our place’ better understands, and is more responsive to, the needs of Māori and iwi and their partners.

Diagram of He Whāriki Maurua - a strategic framework
Diagram of He Whāriki Maurua - a strategic framework

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