NZMariner is the product name of New Zealand's official raster navigational charts (RNC) folio. This is available for download for free.

NZMariner is going to be withdrawn at some point, but the date is not decided.

Toitū Te Whenua publishes NZMariner in BSB format as an annual chart base file, plus a monthly cumulative chart update file of corrections published in Notices to Mariners.

NZMariner can only be used in conjunction with compatible viewing software: electronic charting systems (ECS) or electronic chart display information systems (ECDIS).

A cumulative list of updates to NZMariner charts is published in the Cumulative edition of NZ Notices to Mariners.

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Find details about NZMariner format, encryption and compatible navigational systems in the NZMariner Technical Documentation

Preferred alternatives to NZMariner

Toitū Te Whenua is actively promoting the use of:

  • the NZ ENC Service for navigation purposes
  • georeferenced raster chart tiff images (geoTIFFs) for non-navigational purposes.

The NZ ENC Service has full electronic navigational chart (ENC) coverage, replacing the need for official raster navigation chart products. NZ ENCs are available freely through the subscription-based NZ ENC Service.

Georeferenced raster chart TIFF images (GeoTIFFs) are also available on the LINZ Data Service for non-navigation use.

Download NZMariner RNCs in BSB format

NZMariner RNC file Updated to NTM edition Date published
2022/23 BSB base file 2022/23 Chart base file - Updated to edition 22/2022 11 November 2022
Latest cumulative update for November 2022 Updated to NTM Edition 24/2022 9 December 2022

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Legal status

NZMariner is the official New Zealand raster chart folio. For compliance with Maritime New Zealand requirements refer to Maritime Rules Part 25. The use of NZMariner does not relieve the user of their obligations under New Zealand law and international convention.

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