You can access land records in electronic or paper form.

The electronic database

Most land records held by Toitū Te Whenua are stored in digital form on the Landonline system. Since 2002 New Zealand land professionals (such as lawyers and surveyors) have been able to lodge and search title and survey records electronically (and since 2009 are required to work this way).

At the same time, Toitū Te Whenua has scanned older paper-based records to create a comprehensive electronic database of land title and survey information – see Historic land records. Creating a digital record also helps to protect the original historic documents.

While only land professionals can access Landonline directly, anyone can order copies of the electronic records stored there through Land Record Search.

Order a land record using land record search

Digital copies of some older records can be accessed through Archives New Zealand’s online Archway system – see Historic land records.

Paper originals

Toitū Te Whenua is now working closely with Archives New Zealand to manage the paper copies of historic land records, and together the two organisations ensure they are preserved and accessible to the public.

It may not be possible to photocopy some older records, due to their size, binding or fragility. 

See Historic land records for information about locations of different types of record.

Professional assistance is available to help with historical research and more complicated searches – see Other land record providers.

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