Land records provide detailed legal information and a historical record of land ownership.

Land title and survey records provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of legal ownership of privately owned land in New Zealand. They also provide precise historical account.

In the same way, the Crown property records we hold provide detailed information about land owned or managed by the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders.

The land records that LINZ holds are mostly used to:

  • record registered transactions – showing when property is ‘dealt with’ including when it is bought or sold
  • identify ownership of ‘registered interests’ – such as a bank which holds a mortgage on the property, or an easement that gives a neighbour the right to use some of the property
  • identify legal (survey) boundaries
  • record survey dimensions.

Other uses of land records include:

  • Treaty of Waitangi claim research
  • research into land once owned by a family member
  • other genealogical research.

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