Survey and title fees

Find fees information for any activity that can be done through Landonline.

You need to pay a fee for each title or survey lodgement made through Landonline. When firms sign up to Landonline we create a credit account for them in our finance system.

All fees the firm incurs are charged to their credit account.

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These fees came into effect on 1 February 2022.

Landonline search products

Title search – with diagram (current Record of Title)Electronic property title record, showing current proprietor, legal description, registered rights and restrictions (such as mortgage, easement or covenant). Includes a plan or diagram of the land.$25$6
Title search – no diagramAs for Title search – with diagram, but with no plan or diagram included.n/a$6
Historical title search (historic Record of Title, computer register or certificate of title)Shows all interests registered since the title was created. May include a scan of the paper copy of the Certificate of Title.$25$6
Guaranteed title search (guaranteed Record of Title) with pending instrumentsAs for Title search, plus any instruments that are lodged with Toitū Te Whenua but still pending. Comes with specific provisions under section 60 Land Transfer Act 2017. Generally requested by solicitors for property dealings.$25$6
Cadastral Survey Plan (CSD) – title sheetShows the plan that was deposited when the title was created. This could be a simple plan of the property's boundaries, area and dimensions, a detailed survey plan, or a combination of both.$25$6
Cadastral Survey Plan (CSD) – survey sheetShows detailed survey observations and may also include a simpler plan detailing only the property's boundaries, area and dimensions.$25$6
Instrument (document)Instruments such as a mortgage, easement or caveat. Instrument references are recorded on the title they are registered against.$25$6

Land titles lodgement fees

Also see Codes and fees A-G and Codes and fees H-Z

Fee for...ManualAuto-registration / Landonline
Lodgement and registration of an instrument$180$90
Titles resubmission fee – resubmission of rejected or requisitioned instrument, per instrumentNo fee 

New title fees

Fee for...ManualAuto-registration / Landonline
New titles (issue a record of title), each$145$145

Other title fees

Fee for...ManualElectronic
Certification as a true copy$25n/a
Approving any form$80$80
Advertising an application or notice$450$450
Notices, including notice of caveat, or notice of claim under section 42 Property (Relationships) Act 1976$6$6
Notice under section 21(4) Retirement Villages Act 2003$5$5
Examining satisfactory evidence of certification under section 30 of the Land Transfer Act 2017n/an/a
RGL actions relating to unsatisfactory certifications under sections 29 or 30 of the Land Transfer Act 2017$161/hour + expenses$161/hour + expenses

Cadastral survey fees

Fee for...Electronic
Cross Lease CSD – Base fee (no parcel fees apply)$230
Unit Titles CSD – Base fee (with no survey information*)$310
Unit Titles CSD – Base fee (with survey information*)$850
Unit Titles CSD – Each parcel for a principal unit or accessory unit (defined by permanent structure boundaries)$75
Other CSD – Base fee (creating parcels with survey information*)$850
Other CSD – Base fee (creating parcels without survey information*)$550
Other CSD – Each primary parcel (other than a balance or residue parcel)$100
Other CSD – Each parcel for a lease$100
Other CSD – Each non-primary parcel (other than for a lease) including for an easement or covenant (whether new or existing)$60
Other CSD – Simple boundary reinstatement$105
Other CSD – Complex boundary reinstatement$850
Survey information CSD – Providing survey information, with no boundary mark placed, and no parcel createdNo fee
Boundary Marking – Full CSD, Monumentation CSD or Reinstatement CSD. A boundary mark is placed and no parcel created. (For CSD submitted under the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 until 24 February 2022.)$72
Re-submission fees – Fee for CSD re-lodged following requisitionNo fee
For plan deposit$150

* 'survey information' means non-boundary marks and related vectors

Calculating Cadastral Survey Dataset (CSD) Lodgement Fees

A spreadsheet has been created to help calculate CSD lodgement fees:

Editable fields are marked in yellow. All other fields are read-only.

To calculate plan fees:

  1. Enter the relevant number of each item in the Number of Items cell.
  2. The amount cell and Total Plan Fees cell will auto-populate.

Other cadastral survey fees

Fee for...ManualLandonline
Statutory certifications – Standard fee (QEII Covenants etc)$67.50n/a
Statutory certifications – Legal Description only (Sec 116 Land Act etc)$22.50n/a
Issuing appellations by endorsement – Base fee$100n/a
Issuing appellations by endorsement – Plus additional parcels$22n/a
Plan not covered by Cadastral Survey Act 2002 – Base fee (no parcel fees apply)$260$260

Other information

Base fee

Base fee is payable for all plans.


Enter the number of parcels to be created by the cadastral survey dataset.

Parcel fees apply to each severance on an ML plan, not each appellation.

New or existing easements and covenants

This fee applies to each new or existing easement or covenant separately identified with a letter.

Waiving and refunding

View the Waiving and Refunding Title Fees Policy (LINZ OP 01249)

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