Toitū Te Whenua's topographic maps are available to the public through bookshops, outdoor stores and information centres.

Buying paper maps

Topographic maps are available for all of New Zealand, its offshore islands, some Pacific Islands and the Ross Sea region.

Printed copies of the smaller-scale maps are also available - check with map retailers.

Specialist or larger nationwide map retailers provide a wider range of maps, but not all outlets stock the full range.

Where to find old maps

The University of Auckland has made many old New Zealand maps available online. These include maps made by LINZ and its predecessor organisations. You can also view old maps at the Alexander Turnbull Library or Archives New Zealand.

Where to find map image files

You can download individual map images for the 1:50,000 or 1:250,000 scale topographic map sheets. For bulk images, please contact us.

Where to find digital topographic data

The LINZ Data Service provides access to topographic data sourced directly from the Toitū Te Whenua topographic database used in the production of the map series. The service provides the most current topographic map information released by Toitū Te Whenua in both digital image and data formats.

Embedding LINZ basemaps

Our basemaps services allow you to embed our aerial imagery directly into your web, mobile or GIS application. 

Acknowledging copyright

You are welcome to reproduce Toitū Te Whenua maps at no cost.

Where maps or other images are reproduced, derived or copied from Toitū Te Whenua material, the following acknowledgement note should be shown on the product and associated media:


  • Toitū Te Whenua copyright
  • Sourced from Topo50 Map BH41 Wairoa. Crown Copyright Reserved
  • Sourced from NZTopo Database. Crown Copyright Reserved
  • Sourced from Aerial photography S.N. 12345. Crown Copyright Reserved
  • Sourced from Orthophoto V21 Napier. Crown Copyright Reserved.

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