Tory Channel / Kura te Au

Tidal streams can be very strong through the east entrance to Tory Channel / Kura te Au, reaching rates of 5 knots as indicated on chart NZ 6154.

Tide rips form along the western approaches to the entrance, and eddies form around Okukari Bay. Some cross-channel shear is present but is generally weak relative to normal channel flows.

Vessels approaching the entrance from Cook Strait against an east-going tidal stream will find that the stream at the entrance normally sets SSE onto the starboard bow. When abreast of West Head Light the stream sets onto the port bow. Care must be taken to account for the effect of the streams. Without local knowledge, low-powered vessels should not use the entrance at spring tides, whether entering or leaving Tory Channel / Kura te Au.


Times and direction of tidal streams.

Note that the times used in the tidal stream predictions have been adjusted to New Zealand Daylight Time when daylight saving is observed.

Tory Channel / Kura te Au tidal stream predictions (CSV)

Tory Channel / Kura te Au tidal stream predictions (PDF)

Diagrams and animations

Diagrams showing the direction and rate of tidal streams at hourly intervals during average spring and neap tide conditions are also available below, along with animations of spring and neap tides.

Animation showing the flow of spring tides in the Tory Channel
Animation showing the flow of neap tides in the Tory Channel


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