How to make a submission to support or object to a proposed name within New Zealand's territorial boundaries.

Anyone can make a submission supporting or objecting to a proposal to discontinue, alter or make a new name official within New Zealand. New Zealand’s place naming authority, the New Zealand Geographical Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (NZGB), advertises name proposals to find out the views of the public and affected groups before making a final decision about a name.

How to make a submission on a name proposal

As part of its public consultation process, the NZGB advertises name proposals in the New Zealand Gazette, relevant newspapers and on the Land Information New Zealand website. Each name proposal page has a link to an online submission form.

Search the New Zealand Gazette

You can also write or email your submission to the NZGB.

Contact the NZGB

Information you need to include

  • A clear statement of whether you support or object to the name proposed.
  • Your reasons for supporting or objecting to the proposal.
  • If you object to the proposal, you may suggest another name or the existing name (if any).

Other helpful information you can include

Copies of:

  • research material
  • published references to the name
  • a photo of the place or feature.

Check the submission deadline

The NZGB sets a deadline for receiving submissions, which is never less than one month after the date of publishing the proposed name. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

What happens to my submission and the proposed name?

The NZGB considers all of the submissions it receives for proposed names and it can either agree with the submissions or reject them. If the NZGB receives no submission or only supporting submissions then it makes the final decision to make the name official. If the NZGB does not agree with submissions objecting to the name, then the Minister for Land Information makes the final decision.

If the NZGB agrees with objecting submissions, options may include renotifying a different name proposal, or to retain the status quo.

Protecting your privacy

Generally, your personal name won’t appear if the NZGB publishes information about a name proposal. Once the NZGB receives your submission it becomes a public record and can be released under Official Information Act requests. Your contact details will not be released without your consent.

See the Official Information Act 1982