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This document describes the structure and content of data in Land Information NZ's Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB).

This is outdated content provided as a historical reference.

Published by Land Information New Zealand, Wellington, under the authority of the Chief Executive.

Aims of document

The use of land and its resources is central to a wide range of human activities. These activities are planned, supported and monitored by a range of land professionals. In providing their particular service, the various land professionals record and analyse land information specific to their individual needs.

Within the range of professional views of land, Land Information New Zealand has developed a number of specific systems, each with a primary purpose of meeting the needs of a specific administrative function, such as surveying and mapping. One of these systems is the Digital Cadastral Database, or DCDB. The functions of the DCDB are:

  • To provide core cadastral data for land information management in New Zealand.
  • To provide an index to cadastral information to support core Land Information New Zealand functions.
  • The focus of the DCDB is on legal land parcels, their identification, and the geographical position of their boundaries relative to one another and to the national map grid.

The characteristics of data are a reflection of its function. It is essential that users are aware of data characteristics when it is intended to acquire and use data from different sources. Data obtained from different sources are often captured at different time frames, may not be maintained on a regular basis and may be of varying quality and of variable spatial resolution and accuracy of coordinates. Inaccurate results or decisions may result in trying to integrate and analyse data from disparate sources.

This document provides information on the data characteristics of the DCDB. It is intended as a reference document for DCDB users, or intending users, who wish to know detailed technical aspects of the database. It provides information on the definition, content, structure, quality and interpretations used in its compilation and pricing and licensing details.


Reference to manuals, publications and other documentation contained in this manual are as follows:

SHL Systemhouse Incorporated

  • VISION* Manager - The GINA File Format

Land Information NZ

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  • LAD - Land Appellation Database
  • Surveyor-General's Accuracy Specifications for the DCDB, September 1997


  • LINZ Standard for Land Appellation
  • Area Measurement
  • Street Address

Note: Throughout this document there are numerous references to “old LINZ”. These references are to the advisory body set up in 1987 to advise the LIS/GIS community on standards. This body was disbanded in 1996 when the Department of Survey and Land Information was split into two entities - Land Information New Zealand and Terralink NZ Ltd.