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This policy was intended to achieve uniformity in the presentation of diagrams of conservation covenants, open space covenants, Nga Whenua Rahui kawenata, and walkway easements negotiated under various statutes.

The policy describes the use of diagrams to define the spatial extent of these rights.

Legislation relating to walkways changed in 2008, and new walkways must now be defined in accordance with the Cadastral Survey Rules. OSG Policy 2002/1 therefore no longer applies to walkways.

The advantages of having covenants defined in a way that enables them to be spatially recorded in the cadastre and the boundaries able to be located in the future makes it desirable to, like walkways, define them in cadastral survey datasets in accordance with the Cadastral Survey Rules. The Rules are outcome-focused and enable the efficient and effective definition and description of land parcels. Consequently, LINZ recommends the use of cadastral survey datasets rather than the diagrams described in OSG Policy 2002/1.