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This standard applies to the discretionary actions in section 15 and 16 of the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 (CPL Act) to be taken by the Commissioner of Crown Lands pursuant to section 18(3) of the CPL Act.

This resource has been superceded, visit the current version: 
Standard for purchase, alienation, and administration of Crown land - LINZS45002

This standard covers the functions of the Agent in assisting the Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL) to exercise any discretion under section 15 or section 16 of the CPL Act in relation to pastoral land.

All consents will be for a term of five years unless the CCL decides that a shorter term is appropriate.

There are separate standards for easements (section 60(1) Land Act), recreation permits (section 66A Land Act), stock limitations, and applications for consent under section 100 Land Act (preservation of timber).

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