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Memorials on records of title which contain information about registered or noted instruments need to be completely and accurately entered and maintained in the Register.

Section 12(2)(g) of the Land Transfer Act 2017 requires a memorial on a title to have:

  • a unique identifier
  • a description of the type of instrument
  • the date and time of its registration or notation, and any other information necessary to determine its priority.

The Recording Memorials on the Register Standard 2018 ensures persons with delegated authority from the Registrar-General of Land (RGL) correctly enter record of title information as required by the Act. This must be in a manner that:

  • ensures instruments are completely and accurately noted or registered and maintained in the Register
  • accurately carries forward or omits noted or registered instruments to new records of title
  • is in correct priority order (generally established by the date and time of lodgement)
  • is clear, unambiguous and easy to interpret.

This Standard is made under section 236 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 by the RGL. Requirements for specific notations for other purposes also arise under other legislation.