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The Public Works Act 1981 sets out the requirements for the acquisition of land for government and local works. It ensures that both land owners and acquiring agencies are treated fairly by the process of land acquisition.

Under the Public Works Act 1981 (PWA) and related legislation, the Minister for Land Information can make decisions on acquisitions undertaken by Crown agencies, and in certain circumstances, by local authorities.

This standard sets out the processes and procedures to be followed, and the minimum levels of information that must be provided to enable the Minister to assess whether land acquisitions comply with the law.

This standard supersedes LINZS2001: Standard for the acquisition of land under the Public Works Act 1981, published in 2005.

Any Crown agency asking the Minister to acquire or take land under the PWA must use this standard when applying to the Minister to exercise powers under the acquiring provisions under the PWA.

Any local authority asking the Minister to compulsorily acquire or set apart land for local works must use this standard when applying to the Minister. Any network utility operator that is a requiring authority must use this standard when applying to the Minister under s 186 of the Resource Management Act 1981.