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The purpose of this policy is to achieve uniformity and accuracy in the graphical presentation of certain areas of land.

It applies to those areas of land, the boundaries of which are required to be defined for formal notification in the New Zealand Gazette or for other statutory purposes and for which no certificate of title will be required.

This policy is not to be used for:

  • Plans of local authority electoral areas submitted for certification by the Surveyor-General.  These are now covered by LINZS50000 Standard for plans of local authority electoral areas
  • Plans to be submitted to LINZ as a cadastral survey dataset (as defined in Section 4 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002).  Any land that is to be given a new appellation, or is intended to be recorded in the cadastre, must be lodged as a cadastral survey dataset in terms of the current Rules for Cadastral Survey.