Land registration
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Strategy and plans

The Survey and Title Compliance Strategy describes the shifts we intend to make in delivering compliance outcomes over the period 2024 to 2027. It sets out the principles that will guide our compliance work, and how we will prioritise our compliance activities to support stakeholders and improve system outcomes.

New Zealand’s property rights regulatory system establishes and maintains the integrity of title to estates and other interests in land.

  • The Land Transfer system establishes the official register of land ownership and sets out the rules governing transfers of ownership (titles to land), and protects other interests in land such as mortgages and easements.
  • The Survey system sets out the rules on how the boundaries of land parcels are to be determined and recorded in the cadastre.

Secure property rights underpin the modern economy, creating incentives for investment in land that contribute to economic growth and prosperity. Compliance with the rules and standards is essential to maintaining a well-functioning property rights regime.