Land Information New Zealand has carried out in-depth assessments of New Zealand waters, including the Sub-Antarctic Islands, to help us prioritise improvements to charts and navigation information.

This assessment uses vessel traffic data, as well as information about environmentally and culturally sensitive sites and hazards, like reefs, to create ‘heat maps’ which show levels of risk for navigation information.

This does not mean that the current charts are inaccurate. It allows us to plan our work knowing which areas would benefit the most from updated charts. 

Risk Assessment Results

Mainland New Zealand

Sub-Antarctic Islands

Next steps

We use the results of the risk assessments to plan our survey and charting work. We work with Martime New Zealand, harbour masters and others to do this.

Other Risk Assessments

We have also used this risk assessment approach to help South West Pacific countries improve their maritime safety.

Improving safety in the South Pacific

Last Updated: 29 September 2020