The New Zealand Nautical Almanac and other official information resources needed for safe navigation.

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Safe navigation of New Zealand’s waters relies not just on accurate charts but also on a range of navigational resources. For example a network of lights positioned around New Zealand’s coastline helps determine the distance from land. To be useful, seafarers need to a reference to know what kind of light they’re observing and where it is on the coastline.

The New Zealand Nautical Almanac is the official guide to the resources required for safe navigation in New Zealand waters. It contains all the astronomical, tidal and light list information that seafarers need. It also contains Annual Notices to Mariners, information on reporting maritime hazards and the International Code of Signals.We publish the Almanac each year and provide online updates to its information through Notices to Mariners.

You can find some of the Almanac information here online, including:

  • the list of lights – where they’re located, their characteristics and the range at which they can be sighted in different conditions.
  • official digital maritime boundaries –  showing the ocean area that forms New Zealand’s waters including the fishery, mineral and petroleum resources within the area.
  • astronomical information – moon phases and planet information, including solar and lunar eclipses, sunrise sunset, moonrise moonset.
Last Updated: 1 July 2015