Place naming
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What was proposed?

The proposal was to alter the recorded unofficial locality names Rangiriri, Rangiriri West and Churchill, which are north of Huntly, to the one official name Rangiriri with an officially defined extent (boundary) as depicted below.


Now official

Rangiriri was altered to officially define its extent as depicted below, also replacing the unofficial locality names Rangiriri West and Churchill.

Published in the New Zealand Gazette on 26 September 2023


Pou Taunaha considered this proposal report (together with an addendum with further comment from Waikato District Council) at its hui on 26 April 2023. The proposal was notified for two months so that the public could make submissions supporting or objecting to the proposal.


7 June 2023: Geographic Board opens consultation on proposed place names and announces official ones

26 September 2023: Rangiriri and Whangamarino officially named