PositioNZ-PP can be used to generate Order 6 Cadastral Survey Network (CSN) marks, which LINZ can add to Landonline in advance of a Cadastral Survey Dataset (CSD) being submitted.

This is an efficient way of getting connected to the datum in areas where there are no nearby geodetic or CSN marks.

For a mark to be assigned Order 6 in Landonline, you will need:

  • A new or existing mark that meets the requirements of a Permanent Reference Mark (PRM)
  • Two independent GNSS occupations on that mark (including a change in antenna height), each of at least one hour duration
  • Measured antenna heights for each occupation, reduced to a vertical distance between the top of the mark and bottom of antenna (while heights are not generally required for cadastral surveys, the PositionNZ-PP data is three-dimensional, hence accurate antenna heights are required)
  • Horizontal agreement between the two independent occupations after processing in PositioNZ-PP of better than 0.15m
  • Vertical agreement between the two independent occupations after processing in PositioNZ-PP of better than 0.20m

Once PositioNZ-PP has processed the data, please send the following to CRM_Geodetic@linz.govt.nz:

  1. The zip file containing the results of the PositioNZ-PP processing
  2. A brief description of the mark (eg Iron tube down 0.10m at side of driveway)
  3. If the mark is new, an appropriate name for the mark. This should be based on a geographical identifier, such as 57 SMITH ROAD (where 57 is the RAPID number of the nearest address) rather than a CSD reference, since the CSD has not yet been approved
  4. If the mark is existing, the current name of the mark

LINZ will add the data to Landonline and generate the Order 6 coordinate within two working days.

If multiple CSN marks are required, or an Order 3V vertical control mark is required, please contact CRM_Geodetic@linz.govt.nz before doing the survey as there may be additional requirements (eg longer occupations) to ensure accuracy standards are met.

Last Updated: 6 September 2021