PositioNZ - Real Time Service

The LINZ PositioNZ Real Time Service (PositioNZ-RT) provides free GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) data streams so users can determine an accurate position in real time without having to set up their own base station

LINZ provides 1 second streaming data from our PositioNZ network.  A selection of GeoNet stations also have their data streams available through the PositioNZ service.   Access to the network is free however users require a username and password.  The real time data is made available through an RTCM standard is transmitted through the internet using NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol).

What you will need to connect:

  • Username and password
  • NTRIP client and internet access
  • Connection details

Consult user manual or equipment/software venders for specific connection instructions.

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Connection details
Host domain positionz-rt.linz.govt.nz
Port 2101
Data information
Mount point


Warkworth, New Zealand: WARK00NZL0
Scott Base, Antarctica: SCTB00ATA0

Data format RTCM 3.2
Method of transmission NTRIP Caster
Epoch 1 second
Expected latency < 2 seconds 95% of the time
Coordinates broadcasted NZGD2000
Constellations All available constellations*

*Some GeoNet stations may only be capable of streaming GPS or GPS/GLONASS

The main application of the service is real time kinematic surveying using the nearest PositioNZ station as a base station.  It is recommended that users be within 15 km from the connected PositioNZ station. 

  • Other users of the real time data include:
  • Researchers (for example weather predictions)
  • International GNSS Service (IGS) for producing rapid orbits
  • District and City Councils for asset management

Expected performance, maintenance and support

PositioNZ Network

Non urgent maintenance for PositioNZ stations will occur either outside Monday-Friday 9am-5pm work day Support for the PositioNZ-RT Service is available inside normal business hours.

GeoNet Stations

LINZ and GNS Science have an arrangement to stream a selection of GeoNet stations through the PositioNZ-RT Service where equipment and a communication link allows. 

These stations will be operated with best endeavours. These stations are fully owned and operated by GNS Science and LINZ has no control over when maintenance occurs or resolution times for stations outages.  The GeoNet stations are operated for scientific research.  Real time data is not a priority and as a result the PositioNZ station real time service levels do not apply. GeoNet reserves the right to temporary add their stations to the PositioNZ-RT service. Some streams may only be available for a short period for scientific purposes.

LINZ will keep users notified of maintenance and station outages through the standard notification procedure.

Monitor data availability

LINZ endeavours to provide up to date information about performance of the PositioNZ network and make it accessible to users.  The website provides latencies and general performance information and twitter is used to keep users up to date with unexpected outages and maintenance notifications.

The network summary page provides details of average latencies over the last hour, 24 hours and data completeness.

To view up to date details on an individual station performances replace the “CODE” with the PositioNZ station Geodetic Code


For example:


PositioNZ-RT Station info

Licensing and attribution

Publishing or distributing this data:
If you publish, distribute or otherwise disseminate this data to the public without adapting it, the following attribution to Land Information New Zealand should be used:

"Source: Land Information New Zealand and licensed by Land Information New Zealand for re-use under the CC-By licence."

Adapt and distributing this data:
If you adapt this data in any way or include it in a collection, and publish, distribute or otherwise disseminate that adaptation or collection to the public, the following attribution to Land Information New Zealand should be used: 

"This product uses data sourced from Land Information New Zealand under the CC-By licence."